Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Driving Age in Massachusetts Should be Raised

The Driving Age in Massachusetts Should be Raised 

The driving age of teens in Massachusetts should be increased. Currently, the driving age in Massachusetts is sixteen years old, but it must be raised to eighteen years old. You have to be eighteen or older to vote, buy powerball tickets, and so much more, so it is only fair that you should also have to be eighteen years of age to step your foot on the gas. Too many fatal deaths keep happening by teens causing car crashes. Not too long ago, a wealthy sixteen year old teenage boy was drunk driving and killed four people. One of the victim's father proclaimed, ¨Money always seems to [Couch] out of trouble.¨ When the police eventually caught the culprit, he said that he did not know any better, hence he was brought up as a wealthy child not knowing "right" from "wrong." ("Wealthy 16-year-old Who Killed 4 in Drunken Crash Spared Jail." NY Daily News. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2016.) This boy ran away with his family like cowards, until later on when the police got all of them. Although the police eventually found them, that does not bring back four lives, and the police do not always catch everyone who commits these crimes, so they go and do it again. With all these bad influences out in the world, it is safe to say that you need to be eighteen years of age to get your license.  

Not only are teens fatally injuring others, but they are hurting themselves too. People under the age of eighteen could hurt themselves with the many upon many distractions out in the world these days. In the article "Texting and Driving Statistics", ("Texting and Driving Statistics." Texting and Driving Statistics. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Jan. 2016.) states that while teens text and drive, it causes eleven teen deaths every day and that texting and driving is the number one distraction in teen driving. The author also illustrates that by taking teenagers' eyes off the road, the percentage of them slowly stepping on the brake is eighteen percent. Teenagers may assume that they can handle their phones while behind the wheel, but ¨the numbers don't lie.¨ While teenagers use their phones while driving, it is likely for them to slow their brake reaction by eighteen percent.

Minors are getting into horrible car accidents, sometimes being fatal incidents, by actually listening to music way too loud. Listening to music too loud is considered a distraction. The article, “New Teen Drivers More Likely to be Distracted While Listening to Music”, ("New Teen Drivers More Likely To Be Distracted When Listening To Their Favorite Music." Medical Daily. N.p., 24 Aug. 2013. Web. 14 Jan. 2016.) mentioned that ninety eight percent of teens make multiple errors when they dive, while listening to their music too loud. The article, “Still Another Driving Distraction: Loud Music”, ("Still Another Driving Distraction: Loud Music." N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Jan. 2016.) states evidence vividly saying that when teenagers are listening to their music too loud, reaction time slows by twenty percent because teens “... recalled getting so wrapped up in a loud song ‘that I blew through a stop sign.”

At the age of eighteen years old, not only are people legal adults, but they are mature. At the age of sixteen, teenagers are not yet fully mature. It is safer for citizens at the age of eighteen to be on the road because they take precautions more seriously. When people watch the news, or even witness through their own innocent ears, all they hear is bad news about a teenager causing car accidents due to bad decisions. More likely than not, depending on how bad these accidents are, all of the accidents caused by these teens end fatally. By them ending fatally, it absolutely heart wrenching to have a child die. Teenagers have their whole lives ahead of them and for that to come to an end all because of a childish mistake is not what this society needs. If the driving age is raised to eighteen years old, high school teenagers can spend more time learning and preparing to get ready to step on the gas. When you're eighteen you can vote, play powerball, and so much more, so why not throw driving into the list?

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