Thursday, January 7, 2016

Album Review!

Everyone remembers Justin Bieber as the cute little boy who was very talented and had a career in front of him. Then, as he got older, people thought of him as the troubled Justin. Now, after all of the trouble he went through, Justin has owned up to all of his mistakes and has made a new, almost apologetic, album called Purpose. Purpose was released on November 13th, 2015. In one of his songs, "Life is Worth Living", (a piano ballad) Justin sings "My reputation is on the line, so I'm working on a better me." This is a perfect example of him "righting" all of his wrongs. Justin knows what people think of him, which are negative thoughts, and he wants make all of those thoughts positive. So, he is working on a better him. The album overall, is a huge success. Listeners really admire this album and consider it a true piece of art.

Purpose was truly one of the best albums ever made. All of the tunes throughout this album not only portrays who Justin really is, but inspires the listeners. Every track on this CD clearly shows that this artist put their everything into it. Out of all of the albums Justin has created, Purpose is most definitely the best. Throughout this CD, there are some melodies that are very personal to Justin's heart, then there are some that people can simply jam out to. With that being said, this album really has the best of both worlds: fans can learn more about the sentimental Justin, and also have a dance party with him.

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