Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Problem Statement
What does literature show us about domestication of animals?

Research Question
How did the history of animal domestication actually happen?

Data Collection
Laudan did research on the web on domestication of animals, and found that the first animal to be domesticated was the dog. Laudan read/ researched this topic on many reliable sources on the internet.

Data Analysis
The first official domesticated animal was the dog, but many came shortly after. Animals such as goats and sheep.

Laudan came to the conclusion that dogs, especially, not only helped humans now, but millions of years ago. In history, there is a huge educational unit on how domestication of animals helped humans with learning, hunting, surviving, receiving food, etc. "Domestication is a very complicated process." It is used in history and in current day.

There is so much information on animal domestication. People really care for this topic and have many theories that have yet to be solved, if they are not already figured out/answered.


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