Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This picture is of a male deer minding his own business and living his everyday life. This picture really captures where this deer lives and in what conditions. This is setting the scene of where the deer population live. They do not typically live in hot areas, they live in a forest area where there is a lot of space and shade.
This is a photograph of a very close competition in the sport track and field. Four women are all very close to place first, but this picture shows that Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (number 5) has, by a sliver, won this tough competition. She is clearly very proud because she has just won this tough race, and because she is now a track champion! She is showing her pride and that her hard work has paid off by throwing her hand in the air.    

This photo was taken during the tragic flooding South Carolina faced. A citizen of South Carolina had to paddleboard to get her own mail. This caused seventeen deaths and many people are still recovering their injuries. People did not have a choice on a way to travel these extreme lengths to do the smallest things such as getting their own mail.

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