Sunday, October 25, 2015

My dad on the day of the Super Bowl XLIX

My dad started off the big day, Super Bowl XLIX, by showing his pride with wearing his jersey and  his favorite Patriots hat.

When the game started getting intense, my dad made the hard decision to take off his hat and keep cheering his heart out for his favorite football team.

This memory is clear as day. Once half- time came around, my dad was not too thrilled about how the game was going. The Patriots were losing and that made him pretty upset. So, he decided to step outside, put his hat back on his head, and breathe in that crisp winter air.

As the game escalated quickly, the Patriots were not looking too good for a win, but soon enough, the Patriots came back and won the Super Bowl! My dad put on another of his many hats and was so happy. He still to this day talks about the Patriots winning the Super Bowl XLIX. Go Pats!