Friday, October 30, 2015

After reading the very intriguing and very factual articles about the death theories of Edgar Allan Poe, I have come to a conclusion. I personally agree with the "cooping theory." I believe that Poe was on the streets of Baltimore on election day, and that he was one of the poor souls that got forced to drink alcohol until they were so drunk, they were barley responsive, and that they had to keep changing clothing and keep voting. The theory, along with the actual facts, make sense: Poe was found in Baltimore in different clothing that he did not even own, he was drunk, unresponsive, and he had some bruises on his body. The people that made the poor human beings do this beat them until they did it. I think, personally, that Edgar Allan Poe was one of these citizens who had to do this. The theory makes sense and the facts match up. It is very sad that Edgar Allan Poe had to die this way, let alone have his death be a mystery. He was an amazing writer and will always be remembered.

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